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T H E   H Y E N A S
NAME ORIGINS: "shenzi" is Kiswahili for "uncouth". Similarly, "bonzai" is "skulk" or "lurk". Ed's name origin is unknown.
ROLE: Scar's henchmen; the poachers of the Pride Lands

Preview Description Dimensions Size
bp10.jpg 650x405 22K
bp11.jpg 650x405 27K
bp12.jpg 650x405 22K
bp13.jpg 650x405 34K
bp14.jpg 650x405 22K
stam02.jpg 650x405 20K
stam37.jpg 650x405 19K
stam39.jpg 650x405 16K
stam40.jpg 650x405 19K
stam41.jpg 650x405 16K
stam43.jpg 650x405 19K
stam44.jpg 650x405 15K
stam47.jpg 650x405 18K
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